Marc Fichou & Lauren Marsolier on view from September 24th - November 5th

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 24th from 6pm–9pm

San Francisco, September 7, 2011 – On Saturday, September 24, 2011, E6 Gallery will celebrate the opening of Recent Works by Lauren Marsolier & Marc Fichou.  In their first San Francisco exhibit, French artists Lauren Marsolier and Marc Fichou individually address what they describe as “the viewer’s relationship to viewing images.”

Responding to our present day simulated environments and realities, Marsolier creates photographic images that are intentionally suspect, capturing, as she states, “a place that does not exist, a place without a history.”

Unlike traditional photography, which seizes an instant of reality or a moment in time, Marsolier’s images are shot in different places and times over the course of several months, then layered and blended until the real and fabricated become a singularly unique image. The resulting hyper-real photographs feel like viewing a place we know, but can’t quite identify.

It is this sense of disorientation in Marsolier’s work that deliberately inclines the viewer to contemplate the images as one would a painting, while curiously suspecting their fabricated nature. By contrast, Fichou’s featured body of work compels viewers to re-establish their relationship to subject and medium.

Attempting to reunite matter and its image, Fichou creates works containing their own memory, a record or recording of the past, blended with their material surface. His meticulous attention to the alchemy of that which is and that which was, is as Fichou notes, “a means to explore the conflict between escaping the real through the image and anchoring oneself to the real through matter.”

In Fichou’s recent works, instead of providing a window to an elsewhere as images commonly do, Fichou creates his images as a way to bring viewer’s attentions back to the materiality of the present, to the here and now. Inextricably interweaving matter and its image by embedding photographs and videos within the very materials used to construct the imagery they depict, Fichou integrates a form of simultaneity into his artwork where images instead of detaching themselves from matter, reflect themselves upon it.